What sorts of roles are available in social housing?

The range of job roles in the housing industry is extremely varied! Simply put it can be separated into three different strands: housing management, asset management and resources.

Job titles do vary from organisation to organisation, please get in touch with our team if your need any clarification on the role you are interested in.

Housing Management roles include:

  • Housing Officers
  • Housing assistants
  • Housing advice officers
  • Tenant participation officers
  • Anti-social behaviour officers
  • Neighbourhood officers
  • Tenant arrears officers

Asset Management work in:

  • Regeneration
  • Property development
  • Architectural services
  • Gas servicing
  • Compliance audit
  • Commercial sales
  • Surveying
  • Construction

Resources would include roles in areas such as:

  • Policy & Strategy
  • HR
  • Marketing & Communications
  • IT
  • Finance