The Three Most Important Things In Life

“the first is to be kind, the second is to

be kind and the third is to be kind”

             Henry James.



It was very kind of Aileen Evans, CIH President, to take time out to record a video for GEMs during Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. Aileen is passionate about her Presidential mental health campaign, in collaboration with MIND. In her video she urges the GEM community to support each other in these challenging times.


Please look at Aileen’s video and the Three Big Tips she puts out to GEMs for dealing with the new normal we are all experiencing. As a GEM community we are all in this together and we want to ensure our upcoming housing professionals sustain the resilience we all need to get through the Covid 19 pandemic. We are each other’s strength. The link to Aileen’s video is below.


Take care, keep safe and be mentally strong.


Geraldine Howley, Chair GEM Programme, CEO Incommunities, Chair CIH Governing Board


Illustration by Mr What & Mrs Why ©️ 2020