The GEM Programme and Saffron Housing Partnership

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Developing our in-house talent


We are supporting our in-house talent as 3 members of staff have just joined the GEM Programme.

The programme accelerates development for those already in the housing sector by creating challenging and thought-provoking opportunities such as exposure to people and situations they might not have experienced.

It consists of a number of elements such as workplace learning, attending learning events, gaining a professional qualification & membership (Chartered Institute of Housing Level 4), and mentoring.

Director of HR at Saffron, Catherine Hodds, said: “I’m really excited that we have teamed up with The GEM Programme as it provides new opportunities for our staff to have quality learning experiences relevant to what they are passionate about.

“We have a huge commitment to our employees and this route offers a great way of developing their skills by enabling them to connect with other housing associations, experts in the sector and other GEMs from around the world.”