Cole McNamee

Cohort 9 – Customer Relations Clerk – Talent in House

Name: Cole McNamee

Current job title: Customer Relations Clerk

Internship/Placement role: Customer Relations Clerk (Talent in House Canada)

Degree: Bachelor of Arts with a major in Sociology

Where are you based: Edmonton AB, Canada


I am born and raised in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I went to university later in life and attained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta majoring in Sociology. In university I developed a complex understanding of the socioeconomic factors that have created the housing crisis and realized the incredible importance of having access to safe affordable housing. I began my Career in housing as a temporary support clerk at Capital Region Housing and was given the opportunity to help in both the Subsidy and Application departments here at CRHC. I further developed my passion of helping those in need and was able to attain a role as front line staff in the customer service department.

The GEM Programme 

The GEM program has helped me immensely in seeing myself as a future leader in social housing. I can now see myself having a long-lasting career in social housing and the GEM shacks have helped me cement my beliefs that it is in the best interest to everyone to have access to safe affordable housing. The ongoing mentoring and personal development goals have given me the confidence to apply for a Customer Relations Supervisor role that just opened up in the office.

What do you enjoy about your current role? How would you sell it to someone?

I love my current role as a customer service clerk because I get to provide customer service to our large and incredibly diverse customer base. I help families and individuals who are first time applicants, moving into a unit or long-term tenants and appreciate the variety in my day to day interactions. This variety facilitates my growth and development as I am developing a comprehensive understanding of social housing and am using this to help launch me into a leadership role in the social housing arena.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to apply?

My only advice to applicants is to dive in and truly make the best of the GEM program. The relationships I have made and the continued mentorship are invaluable to me and my career. The support I received in completing the learning and assignments was very helpful and I encourage everyone in the program to reach out to their tutors and mentors if they are feeling overwhelmed.

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