GEM Talent In House

GEM Talent In House offers a great way to make the GEM Programme accessible to existing valued team members and home grown talent. You power up your succession plan by retaining quality staff that fully understand your core values and can address any skills shortages or gaps you may have in your organisation.

We successfully piloted Talent In House at Incommunities the home of the GEM Programme where it has become an integral part of the organisations talent management and succession planning.  As GEMs in the organisation moved quickly through their career progression, staff wanted the benefits for their existing staff as well, including people who did not attend university. It has since been adopted by a number of our partners and is a popular entry point to the GEM programme.

GEM Talent In House is for staff who:

  • Are high potential graduates or equivalent already working in your organisation
  • Will grow from the experience of engaging with senior leaders from housing and other sectors
  • You want to see them stretch themselves, develop their world view and emotional maturity
  • You’ve identified them as future key players for your organisation

Your Talent In House GEM will achieve:

  • CIH membership and Level 4 Certificate in Housing and the unique opportunity to progress to Chartered Status
  • Connection to housing organisations, experienced practitioners and GEMs from across the UK, Europe, Canada, mainland China and Hong Kong
  • Unique and challenging learning experiences about the world of housing and how it works through GEMshacks
  • Personal leadership development plus mentor support

For more information on how we can support you please contact us on our email address or telephone number:

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