Graduate Route into Housing

We’re looking for talented graduates with a degree in any discipline and a passion for social justice. It’s important to us that your values align with ours as a sector and you have a real interest in the role. We don’t offer generic positions, we offer unique opportunities to join organisations across the UK and internationally in the role and location of your choice. The GEM programme offers an integrated self-development and career building programme that combines real work, bespoke personal development and a professional education. We’re proud that since our inception in 2009 over 80% of our GEMs remain in the Housing sector.

What do we want from you

  • Values driven – our values are at the heart of our work, we want you to share them!
  • Motivated – we expect you to have displayed energy and a real interest in your role
  • A professional attitude – we expect you to work hard, be on time and respect people around you
  • Creative thinking – you’ll be expected to use your initiative to problem solve and get results.
  • Customer focused – our customers are at the heart if what we do
  • Self-management – we’ll want you to use your initiative and take opportunities where they present themselves

As well as a (minimum) 12 month role you will get:

  • Membership of a diverse cohort of GEMs from a variety of organisations and roles both nationally and internationally.
  • A professional housing qualification (Chartered Institute of Housing Level 4 Certificate in Housing) and membership of CIH for the duration of the programme
  • An overview and exciting exploration of the different elements of the housing sector.
  • In depth learning on Housing Law, Housing Policy, Buildings, Communities and the Environment, Professional Practice Skills, Financing for Housing and Equality & Diversity for Housing
  • Unique GEMshack events throughout the year held in different parts of the UK
  • One to one mentoring from workplace and career development mentors throughout the GEM programme
  • Career support

The GEM Programme recruits for each role individually. Our selection route for roles is a 3 stage process.

  • CV and cover letter – once you have seen a role you are interested in, submit your CV and cover letter detailing which role you are applying for
  • Telephone interview – If you successfully meet the criteria for the role we will arrange a telephone interview to discuss the role and your skill set in more detail.
  • Assessment day – if you are successful in the telephone interview we will invite you to an assessment day which we will run with your host organisation. Each assessment day is unique to the role and organisation.

Feedback: We aim to provide feedback to all our potential candidates. If you are unsuccessful with your first choice you may see another role that may be a better fit. We will aim to highlight these possibilities to you if appropriate.

Please see our jobs page for the list of jobs currently available or to register your interest.

For more information on how we can support you please contact us on our email address or telephone number:

Email Address:

Telephone number: 03333055681